Website Introduction

What is this website about?
 It is intended to help guide its users towards understanding consciousness.  Frankly, I think that if you are not passionately interested in the science of mind that you will find this website to be boring, tedious and arcane philosophy.  If this is not for you, don’t hesitate to move on.  Life is really more about living it than it is about understanding it.  For those of you who want to continue, I want to say very affirmatively that I understand consciousness.  You may treat that statement with a great deal of skepticism but let me make a point and then put it behind us.  Skepticism is a position fortified with all that you think you know.  If you approach what I am trying to offer with skepticism, impatience and the hope that you can quickly invalidate what I am saying or find that it has all been said before, then you will waste even what little time you apply. 

How challenging will this be to understand?  Understanding consciousness will challenge you to change your fundamental perspective about what things are, your notions about being someone with a perspective and even your notions about the contents of your perspective. There is no platform outside of your mind from which to do this and that is why it requires that you have the humility to revisit everything that you think you know. Few people recognize that their own consciousness is a mystery.  Fewer still care enough about the mystery to pursue understanding it. Most of those get discouraged and quit.  The problem of understanding consciousness is not in how much you know or how brilliant you are but is rather in how able you are to pierce the distortions created by your “self”, your putative perspective and your notions of reality.  Any mind disciplined at discerning the truth has as much opportunity of understanding the principles here as a scholar of philosophy.  The available literature has not yet been able to provide an explanation of consciousness because it does not seem that any one writer has yet been able to disassemble (him/herself) and then properly reassemble the puzzle of our relationship to our environment.  I understood consciousness in 1995 but have since learned that there is a lot of distance between understanding consciousness and being able to explain consciousness to someone else.  This website is a work in progress and I hope that it always will be.  It will improve as my skills at explanation improve and as my own insights mature further.  I can provide you with the broad parameters of the new perspectives that you will need to understand consciousness but then it is up to you to use them.

What are the contents of this website about?  They are directed towards helping you understand the puzzle of your own consciousness.  I hope to have you understand how our perspectives are biased by the way our minds are organized epistemologically and emotionally so that you can change that organization fundamentally.  You will understand that the attributes of consciousness were selected to create a navigation system.  With some speculation on how the brain creates the structure of the ‘self’, I hope to have you understand how your brain creates the experience of ‘you’ and your experience of the personal perspective that follows you around.  I show you how functional relationships are true affecters of physical events so that you can understand how the virtual agents of a navigation system and your ‘self’ come into being.  This revolutionary new science of intangible affecters destroys the myth of determinism and shows that physics is not the final arbiter of explaining events.  You will learn how intangible affecters are co-affecters with force and energy in shaping the course of the Universe.

How should you approach studying the contents of this website?  The contents are organized into three main subjects at three levels of development.  The subjects are consciousness, ‘self’ and function.  The levels are introductory, intermediate and advanced.  The entire text is 108 single spaced typed pages in length and it is best understood by proceeding through all the papers in numerical order and then, on review, studying the papers in order in a subject grouping.  Most but not all principles within each subject are fully derived at each level with the basic principles elaborated more in the introductory material and the advanced principles elaborated more in the advanced material. 

Scholar’s quick review of contents. For those of you who are scholars in this field, I realize that you would appreciate a way to get at the heart of the material of this website quickly to decide whether you will allocate further time to the rest of the contents.  For that reason I have chosen the following set of papers from the contents as a review.  Keep in mind that the website is an integrated whole and a quick review will only reveal interesting concepts but not give a comprehensive understanding of the interlocking concepts of the whole theory.  Click on the titles below to open the papers.  Paper:   4. The Nature of Consciousness  5.Functions as They Relate to Physics  6. SELF: From Action Plan to Person